Helen Pollitt

SEO & Digital Marketing Conference Speaker

Hi, I’m Helen Pollitt. I’ve been working in digital marketing for over a decade and as an SEO for almost that length of time. I love it. The data, the tech, the creativity. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands across a variety of different industries.

SEO is my bag. There’s something about taking a website and improving it iteratively that I find fascinating, how one small change can have a huge impact on a brand’s visibility. Alongside that is the need to measure. Analysis is the lifeblood of any campaign. If you aren’t measuring and reporting on your work then there’s no way to improve it. Digital marketing is a challenging and engaging discipline but it’s also really nuanced! I want to clarify and simplify, there’s no need to make it complicated!

Get in touch if you have an event and want a speaker who is “hilariously funny and really knowledgeable” (-Helen Pollitt, 2019)

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