Recent industry contributions

There is always more to learn with digital marketing so when I find out something new I like to share it with the community. Below are some of the recent article I’ve written for industry journals

Knowing which lever to pull: Creating SEO strategies that deliver ROI

It can be hard to know where to start when embarking on an SEO campaign. This “Knowing which lever to pull: Creating SEO strategies that deliver ROI” was written to help guide marketers in assessing where they need to put more focus on their SEO.

Is SEO Best Practice the Enemy of Success?

Many times we get caught up in following “best practice” rules at the expense of creating converting, traffic-driving SEO campaigns. In my article for Search Engine Journal I set out the issues with best practice and how we should seek to be more creative in our marketing endeavors.

Regulation in the SEO industry – Impossible or essential?

With such low barriers to entry in the SEO industry, should we be doing more to make sure our activities are of a high standard? In this opinion piece for Search Engine Watch I set out to discuss the merits of regulation and how possible or impossible a dream it may be.

How to win at SERP Monopoly

“Monopoly is known as a game of capitalism and SERP Monopoly is no different.” SEO is about getting engaged people to visit your website, but before that happens we need to make best use of all the “SERP real-estate” we can. In this article for State of Digital I give my tips on front page domination that you can do from your office.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

Marketing has a bad reputation for causing stress in its employees and high levels of burnout. In my article for Glassdoor I wanted to take a look at how we can protect ourselves from being overworked and under-rested by setting healthy boundaries.

Structured Data and Search Intent: The ultimate SEO trick?

What is structured data and how can it be used in conjunction with an understanding of the way searchers look for sites to help you win more organic traffic?

Shining the light on dark traffic

What is dark traffic? Google Analytics is a very powerful tool but out-of-the-box it leaves a lot of data hidden in confusion. Take a look at this article for information on how to shine a light on this hidden traffic.

How to get international insights from Google Analytics

If you have an international audience for your digital content you need to make sure you are tracking its success. But what if your analytics program can give you insight into how to grow your visitor base abroad? This article (retweeted by Google Analytics) explores the aspects of the program that can help you propel your marketing forward in other markets.

Knowledge is power: using your expertise to drive traffic

You may not feel like an SEO expert, but your expertise in other areas can help grow your organic traffic. Take a look at my article for The Drum to find our how.

Top 10 Site Migration Mistakes

Migrations are horrible. Discover how to make them less horrible by learning from other people’s mistakes. This article channels my experience from overseeing the SEO aspects of many, many website migrations to show you not to do (and hopefully, what you should be doing).

Why your e-commerce site is hidden from your customers

There’s no point in having an e-commerce site if your potential customers can’t find it. In this article for The Drum I discuss some common mistakes e-commerce sites make with their SEO which renders them hard to find in the SERPs.

How does AMP help and hinder SEO?

What is AMP? Should I be doing something “AMP-y” with my website? Accelerated Mobile Pages, although a popular subject, are not for every website. Find out if your site should be embracing this technology or steering clear.

My Scariest Technical SEO Experiences

If you have responsibility for a website you are going to want to read this…but with the lights on. It’s not for the faint-hearted.