Analytics conference speaker

Analysing data to work out whether your digital marketing efforts are paying off can seem a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of tools out there… and they’re kinda expensive. I’ve had access to some pretty sweet ones during my time in agencies. I’ve also had to make do with the freebies. I’m keen to talk about the best ways to dissect and analyse your marketing data to make sense of your website traffic.

Analytics processes

Good marketing requires good analytics processes. Shall I say it again for the people at the back? Without a robust plan for how you are going to collect, analyse and report on the data you collect then your marketing is likely to be un-anchored. I can help. Believe me, I spend enough time in spreadsheets.

Google Analytics

Guys it’s free. It might not be the most accurate analytics tool out there but it’s incredibly detailed and for someone who is new to the analysis of large-scale data it’s an amazing tool. However, out of the box, it’s not likely your Google Analytics account is tracking your digital marketing data correctly. I have some long and short rants about “GA”, so give me a time slot and let me go. It’s not all bad news, I’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you set-up your Google Analytics account in ways that will provide such clarity to your marketing endeavors it will bring tears to your eyes.


Oh no. No. No-one wants to listen to a talk about reporting. You’re right, they don’t. But they absolutely should. That’s why my mission has become to bring excitement and humour into the subject of marketing reports. After all, what better way to promote how awesome you are at digital marketing than use your own reports? They’ll love this talk. I promise.

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