SEO Conference Speaker

I’ve been working in SEO for a long time. I find it a truly exciting subject. There is always something new to learn and the more you delve into it, the more nuances and complexities you can uncover. That’s why it’s one of my favourite subjects to talk about. There is always discussion to be had around differences in verticals, industries and results. With constant updates to how the results are displayed in the search engines, the progress of technology online and human behavioural changes there’s always more to learn!

Technical SEO

TEchnical SEO is very complex. It is a world where marketing and coding combine and to the uninitiated it can seem very daunting. I’ve spent many years trying to understand how the technical make-up of a website effects its ability to rank well in the search results. One of the skills I’ve learned, as someone who isn’t a coder, is how to talk about the subject in terms that laymen like me understand. I love bringing the complex world of technical SEO to marketers because we should all understand it.

Local SEO

Local link-building, citations, Google My Business. There’s so many areas of local SEO that affect how well a “brick and mortar” business will perform in the search results. It’s an area of SEO that many small businesses need to get right. I love talking about local SEO because it needs to be accessible to even the smallest organisation.

SEO Strategy

The one subject that rules them all. SEO strategy is where my heart lies. It’s what holds all the other elements of SEO together to bring back a return on your SEO investment. Without a well-planned strategy you will be throwing money away. This is the subject that you won’t be able to stop me talking about. Probably not one to pick if it’s only a 10-minute speaking slot.

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